Oxford® Partial Knee

The Oxford® Partial Knee implant from Biomet Orthopedics is a partial knee implant designed to repair only one side of the knee (the medial side), making it much smaller than a total knee implant.

In patients with only limited knee arthritis, known as medial compartment arthritis, Dr. Herrema may elect to perform a partial knee replacement. Some advantages of the Oxford® partial knee replacement are that it removes 75% less bone and cartilage, is less painful, enables a more rapid recovery, and provides more natural motion when compared to a total knee replacement. By retaining all of the undamaged parts, the joint may bend and function more naturally.

Vanguard XP Total Knee System

If you’re considering traditional total knee replacement, which requires surgeons to remove the ACL (even when it is healthy), ask yourself one important question: Why have your ACL removed if you don’t have to? The XP Preserving Knee allows your healthy ligaments to stay connected.