Dear Dr. Herrema,

Thank you and your staff at Orthopedic Specialties for the great care I received as a patient there. Words can’t describe how good it feels to be pain free after you replaced my hip.  I truly feel like you have given me a new lease on life.  After limping around for a year and half my only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.  It’s only been two weeks now but I’ve been walking pain free without a walker or cane as much as a mile.

Thank you again for using your gifts and skill as surgeon to heal me from my infirmity.


Larry Ahern

Having gone months under Chiropractic care including Laser Therapy without any relief from my hip pain I sought out an Orthopeadic Surgeon. My primary care physician after xray agreed. I was familiar with MIS surgery from a total knee replacement in CA and I wanted the same positive result for my hip! I found Dr. Herrema! There is no other way to have the procedure done. One day after surgery I was home,no pain, unbelievable and four weeks later I’m walking like i’ve not done in months.

Barbara Bowers

I had a great experience with Dr . Herrema . He was very professional yet very personable. I didn’t feel rushed he gave me his time and was open to my own input on decisions for treatment. We even discussed another health issue I have which was not in his specialty. He listened , interjected , and I felt important and heard. Thank you so much Dr. Herrema

Susan E. Bowie

Dr. Herrema performed hip surgery on my mother after she fell and broke it. She was terrified. Not only did he perform a fantastic surgery but he explained the procedure to her with so much care and affinity that my mother was able to relax for the procedure. Thank you Dr. Herrema

Regina Sotomayor

I couldn’t be more thrilled about my experience with Dr. Herrema. I am a very active individual that had been experiencing intermittent knee pain. After trying to treat it on my own I decided to seek out the care of an orthopaedic physician. Needless to say I am so glad I did because I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear. Dr. Herrema and his staff were outstanding. They thoroughly addressed my concerns with the surgical procedure and what my life would be like afterwards. Dr. Herrema has astounding bedside manner and his nurse is as sweet as pie! I am happy to report that my knee feels better than ever, in fact I’m training for my first 5k! I would recommend Dr. Herrema to everyone.


Dr. Herrera gave me my life back!  I had been in pain , unable to walk without a crutch or cane for over a year! Dr. Herrema performed a Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement on me and I was up and walking the day of the surgery!  Even went up stars with no assistance.  I felt immediate results and minimal pain.  I was home in 2 days and in 20 days fully recovered! After a few P.T. visits ,I was on my own, going up and down stairs and most of all I regained my ability to walk normally again!  I was given my life back by the Grace of God and the incredible  surgical skill of the best Orthopedic Surgeon I have ever had, DR. Mitchell Herrema of Orthopedic Specialist of Tampa Bay!  Thank you, DR. Herrema and your wonderful staff! Life is good again.

Kelly Hourigan


Janelle Ricker

Very knowledgeable and conservative in his treatments. He explains everything to you clearly, he takes time and does not rush you with your questions and concerns. You do not leave the office without understanding everything. Plus he is very pleasant and kind.

I was really terrified to have hip replacement surgery. I am an active, 65 year old who loves tennis, walking on the beach & bike riding. When these activities were no longer possible, I felt resigned to surgery. My recovery from hip replacement surgery has been remarkable! I actually had less pain after surgery than before. My post-operative check up was scheduled for 13 days after surgery. I walked into Dr. Herrema’s office. Three weeks after surgery, I will return to work! Excellent!

Susan Logsdon

I kept working after damaging my left knee on business travels 3/2017. I knew from a right knee orthoscopic surgery in 2010 I had torn the meniscus. The MRI reading called it a “macerated meniscus” and after reviewing the films with Dr. Herrema it was pretty bad. I am only 2 weeks out from the procedure but i am amazed at the level of use i have regained and that the extreme pain is gone. I’ve decided to transfer the ongoing care for my noisy right knee to Dr. Herrema.

Michael Ballard